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The basis on which we select treatment products for H&H clients is simple: firstly, a product is only good enough for our clients if it's good enough for us to use on our own skins. Secondly, we prefer locally developed and manufactured products. Thirdly, we want products that were specifically formulated for men. Finally, we only work with suppliers who are as serious about customer service as we are.


All RB & Co Beard Products are hand crafted and made from 100% natural and certified organic oils and fragranced with organic certified essential oils. All ingredients are vegan friendly and organically sustainable.

Their unique formula moisturize hair follicles, preventing breakage and itchy, flaking skin, allowing your beard to grow long and healthy.

We at H&H love this range! Heartily endorsed by our staff, friends, family, neighbours... The wide range of fragrances are what really sold us, that and a moustache wax that could finally tame Mr Hines' whiskers.

QMS Medicosmetics

Over 25 years ago, Dr Eric Schulte created a pioneering collagen enhancing process that is still regarded as one of the most iconic innovations in the beauty sector. Scientific logic, not miracles, is the basis of QMS.

With a small, non confusing range if products made using high quality ingredients, QMS offers a complete system of skincare for every skin type and lifestyle. The products are designed to be long lasting and comfortable to wear, (This is what keeps you looking good, gents!)

This intelligent skincare can be used at home or at Hines and Harley during one of our facial treatments. Find out why QMS has been voted the world's best spa brand in 2015 and come feel the perfection for yourself.

TheraVine™ MEN Range

Developed in the heart of the Stellenbosch winelands in South Africa, the TheraVine™ MEN range includes superior active ingredients to help improve and maintain healthy, strong skin. It includes the latest, technologically advanced peptides, which help boost the skin’s natural defence system, sooth and repair after shaving, improve hydration and enhance the overall balance of the skin.

The TheraVine™ MEN range is packed with antioxidants and skin purifying properties courtesy of ingredients such as grapeseed extract, white wine extract, grapeseed oil, red grape skin extract and crushed grape seeds.

The TheraVine™ MEN range is a unique, South African product, high in anti-oxidants and hydrating properties, giving you the intelligent approach to skin health.